Visual identity, concept, design & illustration

Connected eternally

Having a logo designed is not difficult, developing a corporate identity that shows and breaths your mission is something else. I took up that challenge for De Utrecht Natuurbegraafplaats. One thing was very clear, this beautiful place needed to be visualised!

Natuurbegraafplaats 'De Utrecht' mission is to connect people and nature. Improving and developing new nature plays a major role in this. The estate itself is the base for this. I set out to show people this special, inspiring place. Tranquil photography and atmospheric illustrations alternate and call for reflection and offer comfort. Playing with formats symbolizes the layeredness and eternal connection of life and death.

Joyce Sengers - founder

'With her concise vision and decisive approach, Sharon has created a robust corporate identity for an unusual subject. Her beautiful spherical illustrations have a comforting and contemplative effect. The icing on the cake is that she is a unique and inspiring personality that we like to have around us!”