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As proud as a peacock - Juffrouw Pauw

Peggy and Jeffrey approached me with wild plans and ideas. They passionately talked about a webshop that also made spoke to my heart: sustainable, creative toys. They had even made a drawing of ‘Miss Peacock’. I took the drawing as a starting point and jumped behind my drawing board to create the perfect ‘Miss’. Curious? Be caught by wonder hier and have a look.

Peggy van de Laar - founder

"Her creativity continues to surprise me. In addition, the collaboration with her was very pleasant.”


A good image takes time. I like to dive behind my drawing board to try and combine new techniques. Miss Pauw challenged me to work loosely with the brush for her beautiful feathers and also play within the lines of my homemade template. I did an extensive color research. Creating the proud Pauw in a playful way fits in perfectly with the purpose of its products: playing in a creative way.