Concept, design & illustration

I see, i see, what you can't see - Cubiss

I created a playfull look and feel for KiekToddlers love to explore and don't like to sit still! Kiek's goal is to explore and experience what they see. A first introduction to images and media. Something that will play a major role in their future lives. Under the guidance of the pedagogical staff member, the assignments stimulate the expressive and creative development and language skills of the toddlers. So let's get started!

I designed the manual as a set of separate cards. This way you can choose 1 activity card from the series at a time to get started with. So no unnecessary materials lying around when the pedagogical employee is working with the toddlers. This way, the person can fully focus on the activity itself. It has a playful and 'do-factor' appearance, where the color codes guide you through the various series of assignments.

The assignment

  • educational play
  • user friendly
  • for pedagogical employees
  • stimulate action
  • accessible
  • easy and clear