Concept, design & illustration

Why, tell me why - Creathlon

Personal development, awareness of the society around you, sharp philosophical questions and a good dose of self-reflection are needed to discover who you are and what really suits you.

This is exactly what this material from WHY Basics offers to secondary school students.



Every month we brainstormed about the themes with the entire team. We mainly looked for different working methods, so that we literally involve the students in the learning material. My contribution to this was mainly research into which learning material we could convert into a 'visual exercise'. In addition to the fact that an illustration can transfer a lot of information, creating an image (yourself) is also a powerful way for students to express themselves about a certain subject. For example, they work with collages in the magazines, but they also create their own comic strip. The free and open illustration style invites and encourages this.

The assignment

  • 8 workbooks
  • secondary education, grades 1 & 2
  • making complex topics accessible
  • learning by doing