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‘When everyone is included, everyone wins.’
- Jesse Jackson, political activist

When I read this quote above from Jesse Jackson, it flowed through my body, mind and heart and stayed there.

I wanted to process it conceptually, find an accessible expression for it. This is how the concept for the game 'Together Strong' was born. I approached Publisher Heutink and they wanted to publish it and include it in their collection. The power of inclusivity and diversity, depicted in both the characters and the different emotions they show. 'Together Strong' is a tool to discuss inclusivity and diversity in an accessible way. With or without words, in a playfull way.

Strong together.
My ideal view of the world.

Martijn Westera - Manager Education and Innovation

“Strong Together is more than just a game we made with Sharon—it beautifully showcases our excellent collaboration and joint creation of manipulatives at Studio Droombeeld. With keen attention to detail and compelling storytelling, each product comes to life through our enjoyable co-creation process.“